The battle of wits has begun...

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Welcome to confero -the community for all your debating needs. This community is here to allow people to debate, argue and get your opinions heard without having to worry about getting flamed.

As of right now, only myself, and my co-mods poetic_pixie_13 and holla666 are allowed to post topics in this community. Each week there will be new topics where you can comment on how you feel about them. If you have any topics ideas for this comm. please e-mail one of the mods with your idea. We hope that you guys enjoy debating against one another and most of all, have fun while doing so.

-Nikki (chibi_inu13)

Your mods are: Nikki (chibi_inu13), Pallavi (poetic_pixie_13) and Paula (holla666).


The first rule of Confero is that you don't talk about Confero.

1) No insulting, flaming or any kind of discourteousness towards the comm. members. This community was made so that people can discuss and talk about issues and ideas, not as a way for people to act like five year olds. Failure to comply will result in banning from the community.

2) No Internet talk. Please refrain from using words such as UR, N E WAYZ, or any other words that can be considered as computer lingo. It is really annoying and not to mention sometimes hard to understand what you're trying to say when using these types of words. And please don't break out in random caps-lock. It's irritating to say the very least.

3) No one-liners please. Try to at least give reasons why you agree or disagree with someones opinions instead of leaving comments such as 'you are so right,' or 'no I disagree.' Try to elaborate on why you think that way just to let people know where you're coming from.

4) Make sure your arguments are clear and concise. Elaborate but try not to go on and on either. It's ok to 'piggyback' on someone else's ideas but don't just rephrase what they said, add on to it. You can switch sides but you can't contradict yourself in the process

5) No spamming. Do not post the same thing more than once. People who are caught spamming will be warned and possibly banned if they continue doing so. Spamming is really bothersome and a waste of space.

6) Do not post anything that can be considered inappropriate, racist, sexist or insulting in any way. People who do so will be BANNED without warning. This comm. is for mature discussions only, and again 'is not a way for people to act like 5 year olds.' There may be some discussions in this comm. which can be considered more adult than others, but should be discussed in a mature manner.

7) Please make sure to stay in topic. It is alright to talk about things related to the topic but don't stray too far from the original discussion
e.g. if the discussion is about vanilla vs. chocolate please do not stray off topic and tell us that you're afraid of clowns or that you're favourite colour is so and so.

Anyone who breaks the following rules will first recieve a warning and a possible suspension from the community until furthur notice. If you continue breaking the rules, you will be banned from the community without warning.

The purpose of this community is for people to meet and discuss ideas. But most of all it's to just have fun (yes we realize how cheesy that sounds).