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Let the games begin...

Okay it is currently...12:30 AM EST, and since we have a total of...7-8 members we (meaning Pallavi and I) have decided to hell with it and let the debating begin. Now since it's still pretty early, i have no clue what the topic is going to be So i leave that to you, dear members of this comm. Whoever comments first gets to choose the topic of the week for well...this week. Since this comm. is still new we'll only begin with one topic for now but we'll steadily increase the number of topics going on as new members join.

So again...first person to comment gets the honor of being the first person to pick a topic for a debate in confero

Mods, please check this and see who the first commenter is for i will probably still be asleep when someone comments.

And like my subject title says Let the games begin!

P.S: Please keep the bloodshed to a minimum seeing as this comm. is still new =)
Tags: confero, first debate
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