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Well fellow debaters this has been extremely late... but all three mods had school and exams. Not fun.

This week's subject is the Fifa Cup. And no it's not a 'who will win? France or Italy?' post either. Go France!

It's more about the Cup in general. Is it a great event that brings us all together or just an overrated tournament?

Is it a waste of time and money? Everyone gets so excited about it. In China there was a house fire, the woman that lived in the house grabbed her infant daughter and ran out. Her husband grabbed his television set and plugged it in at the nearest plug point so he could continue watching a game. In Africa there was an actual civil war (or something to that effect) that was put on hold so that both sides would watch. If we put that much time/energy/money into something else we could do a lot with a lot of the problems in the world. There is some connection between everyone at the Cup, we should be using it year round instead of just the few weeks that the Cup is on.

But it does bring everyone together, places like little Italy here in Toronto are excited and celebrating. The Cup proves that if we try we can all get along. The entire world cheers for their team and while it can get a bit violent when someone wins or loses there’s still that bond with all who watch and cheer with or against you, knowing that billions of people are watching one game and are all caught up in it, that it what the Cup's all about right?

Er, I seem to have given my own little argument for both points in there. Don't be afraid to jump in.
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